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ILUSS EDU offers "Italian Language Preparatory Courses" online

for students who will be studying in Italy.

ILUSS FREE Learn some basic notions, audio, vocabulary, grammar,..

ILUSS STUDENTS Resources for dedicated learners and for travelers.

The aim of the ILUSS courses is to give to students enrolled in overseas programs in Italy the basic notions of the Italian language, life and culture so that they will feel comfortable and confident on their arrival in Italy.

TEST YOUR ITALIAN - Test your language skill and determine your level.

JOIN ILUSS 12 months membership - 3 months membership

In a short period of time, students will be able to interact with people they meet in shops, with their host family, at school, in restaurants, in discos and bars.

Teaching Support for teachers, schools and academics.

Members have access to the complete ILUSS EDU online resource series, including:

  • structured courses for four levels, beginner, elementary, intermediate and advanced

  • four levels of tutorial grammar lessons

  • a large selection of in-depth exercises for beginner, elementary, intermediate and advanced students

  • tests for self-assessment

  • authentic texts selected from current newspapers and magazines or radio/TV transcripts, with notes, vocabulary lists, and comprehension exercises (new units on current events added periodically)

  • audio texts with interactive exercises featuring both simple sentences and longer texts

  • video with transcription related to verification and consolidation exercises

  • interactive exercises presenting new groups of words. Students’ learning progress is monitored.

  • an easy and enjoyable way to learn the meaning and the conjugations of regular and irregular verbs.

ILUSS EDU enables members to:

  • increase the possibility of tailoring teaching to students’ individual level of skill
  • supplement grammar concepts presented in class
  • improve students' understanding and pronunciation
  • include ILUSS units in class curricula
  • use ILUSS units as homework 
  • verify students’ progress
  • expand their professional libraries with specialised Italian texts and glossaries
  • offer an online preparatory course to students enrolled in overseas programs
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